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Acne Treatment with PDT new york *

SeptemberSpecial $749/treatment
Initial consultation-$200 which will apply toward the cost of the treatment if patient is qualifed for it.

Omnilux Blue + Levulan in action Omnilux Blue + Levulan in action

Before and After 2 PDT SessionsClick on image to enlarge

Photodynamic Acne Treatment (PDT) also called ALA/PDT treatment is a new procedure that treats resistant, hard-to-treat active acne as well as older acne scars.* This procedure combines light and a special light-activated topical photosensitizing agent called Levulan. Levulan, which is a clear painless solution, is applied to your skin and left on for 15-60 minutes.* The Levulan is absorbed by active cells like acne sebaceous gland, making the targeted acne cells more sensitive to the light. During the procedure, the medication is activated with Omnilux blue light. This combined interaction of the solution and the light is what gives rise to the term "photodynamic therapy." A treatment targets and destroys acne activity leaving your skin smoother and in many cases makes it possible to discontinue the use of antibiotics or Accutane.*

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Prior to Photodynamic Acne Treatment, the best available treatment option for resistant and cystic acne was Accutane. However, with Accutane there are many systemic* side effects including birth defects, liver abnormalities, mood depression, and virtually all patients get dryness and night vision changes. *

*Systemic treatments are any medications that are taken orally, injected or infused that affect the entire body system. PDT Acne Treatment provides a viable alternative to all types of acne treatment without having negative systemic effects. *

Before and After 3 PDT SessionsClick on image to enlarge


What conditions can be treated with ALA/PDT Therapy?*
Photodynamic Therapy with Levulan is indicated for:

  • Removing pre-cancerous actinic keratosis (AK)
  • Improving pigmentation
  • Improving small wrinkles
  • Improving enlarged pores
  • Improving skin texture
  • Treating moderate to severe cystic acne
  • Treating sebaceous hyperplasia
  • Reducing excessive skin oil production

How many treatments will it I need?
For treatment of acne we recommend 1-3 treatments depending on severity of condition which will be established during your initial evaluation by Dr. Yagudin in his New York City office.*

Before and After 1 PDT Session

What are PDT acne treatments like?
The Levulan, which is a clear painless solution, is applied to your skin and left on for 15-60 minutes. It is then activated with Omnilux blue lamp. This takes about 8-15 minutes. Specific protocol of time depends on multiple factors and will be established after initial consultation with Dr. Yagudin in his office in New York City.*

Is it painful?
Depending upon contact time with Levulan, ALA-PDT can be uncomfortable. Doctor Yagudin will recommend if you need a topical anesthetic in order to make treatments more comfortable.*

What to expect after acen treatment?

After light treatment, the degree of erythema and discomfort can vary. Patient's skin will feel sunburned and there may be peeling and erythema. A greater reaction to treatment also usually indicates a more dramatic results.*

How much improvement can I expect?
Active acne can improve dramatically. Patients with severe sun damaged skin manifested by actinic keratosis, texture, and tone changes including mottled pigmentation and skin laxity may see excellent results. You may also see improvements of large pores and pitted acne scars. *

How long the effect of Levulan treatment lasts?
Photodynamic Acne Treatment will clear your skin from 3 to 24 months averaging somewhere in between. Levulan may also smooth your skin and remove or mitigate scaring.  Even if you have mild acne it is worth doing a Levulan treatment.  You won't want to be seen in public for three to four days due to possible redness of the skin after procedure, but that is a small price to pay for a year or two of vastly improved skin. Repeated treatments may be necessary to maintain results about once a year or so.*

Can I apply make up right afterwards?


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