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Chin Enhancement Without Surgery New York

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Surgical chin augmentation involves up to two weeks of swelling and pain. It is performed under general anesthesia. In contrast, Dr. Yagudin offers a non-surgical chin augmentation using Radiesse or Juvederm injectable fillers. This procedure produces minimal to no pain since numbing cream is used and lidocaine is injected to block pain locally.* The filler injected into precise areas of the chin via a small needle resulting in the augmentation of your chin and improvement of your profile.* Results are instant without any major swelling or pain.* Another advantage of the non-surgical chin augmentation is that the client has a total control of how much correction she/he wants by observing the procedure with a hand held mirror and giving her/his feedback to Dr. Yagudin.*

Chin augmentation before and afterNon-surgical chin augmentation before and after

Non-surgical chin augmentation is performed in two 15-minute visits about three to four weeks apart.* Minor swelling and tenderness may last two to three days after the procedure.* If Radiesse is used, the results will last for about one year.* Juvederm typically lasts about one year as well*. Since our faces change as we age, precise adjustments of the chin with this non-invasive approach allow a perpetually natural look. In contrast, traditional chin implants are permanent and may no longer be attractive as your face changes with time.*
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Non-surgical chin augmentation before and afterNon-surgical chin augmentation same patient front view

What is Radiesse®?
Radiesse® dermal filler is made of calcium-based microspheres suspended in a water-based gel.
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female chin before and after radiesse correctionclick on image to enlarge

Is the procedure painful?
Since local anesthesia is used the procedure has minimal pain.*

What is social downtime?
Usually the client can return to work the same day since there is no much swelling or bruising.*

deformed chin correction with Radiesseclick on image to enlarge

Which filler is better for me, Radiesse or Juvederm?
Both products are safe and FDA-approved for implantation in human face. In the chin area Radiesse® lasts up to 1 year.* Juvederm® lasts about 9-12 months.*  Juvederm might be a better choice for a first- time patient who is not sure if they will like their new look and feel anxious about the results. It is possible to reverse the results of Juvederm within one day by injecting a special enzyme –Hyluronidase, which will dissolve the Juvederm.* 

Why should I consider the Non-Surgical chin augmentation?
1) It is minimally invasive; therefore there is no much downtime and risks of surgery. 2) It is much more affordable. 3) It is reversible. 4) The client has control over the results of the procedure by looking in a hand held mirror and advising the physician of his/her opinion of the progress of the procedure. 5) It is a great choice for a younger individual since cosmetic needs may change as the face changes.*

What is the cost of this procedure?
Average cost is between $1,000-1,500.

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