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Keloids and Hypetrophic Scars

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Keloids and Hypertrophic scars are firm, raised, red and sometimes itchy and painful scars occuring from surgery or trauma to the skin. Hypertrophic scars are self-limited growths that enlarge within the boundaries of the wound. Keloids are benign, fibrous growths of collagen that expand beyond the original size and shape of a wound. They tend to invade surrounding tissue, extending in a confluent fashion.

Keloid Before and After RadiosurgeryClick on Image to Enlarge    

 Keloids and Hypertrophic scars occur due to abnormal healing of a wound (abnormal synthesis and degradation of collagen). Hypertrophic scars can occur at any site of skin injury. They sometimes itch, but generally do not feel sensitive or painful as opposed to Keloids. Keloids are encountered about 15-20 times more among  individuals with dark complexions. Keloids frequently appear on shoulders, upper back and chest since these sites are subjects to motion or increased skin tension. Keloids may also develop on the earlobe following ear piercing or on the face after acne.

What are the treatment options?
Inralesional steroid or 5-FU  injections
Surgical Excision combined with Corticosteroid injections
Pressure Therapy- using pressure bandages.
Cryotherapy (tissue freezing) in combination with Corticosteroid injections
Laser ablation (Pulse dye or CO2 Lasers) in combination with Corticosteroid injections

How many treatments are needed?
It is very individual and depends on type of scar, location, size and other factors. Dr. Yagudin will assess and advice you on an individual basis.*

How much does the treatments cost?*
It depends on multiple factors including size, location, number of lesions, menthod used for treatment.
On average the course of treatment starts from about $1000 depending on severity of the condition.
Cost of the treatment will be determined upon your free initial consultation with Dr. Yagudin.

What method does Dr. Yagudin utilizes treating Keloids?*
Dr. Yagudin uses mostly Steroid injections alone, for small to moderate keloids and hypertrophic scars or in combination with Surgical Excision for bulky keloid scars.

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