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EYEBROW LIFT Without Surgery new york

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Doctor Yagudin is experienced in advanced liquid eyebrow lift. This technic may help lift a drooping or hooded eye lid with one or more of the following procedures.*

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One of the ways doctor Yagudin can non-surgically lift the upper eye lids is to place dermal filler like Juvederm® immediately behind the eye brow, under the skin. This technique is a way to provide a gentle lift to a sagging eyelid. It also can serve as an appealing accent to the eyebrow line. *

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Another technique that is utilized is to place dermal fillers, such as Juvederm®, in the temple area. This provides a gentle and subtle lift to the brows and eyes, as well as other parts of the face. It also can help produce a nice contouring of the forehead. In many individuals, the temples flatten with age making the forehead look a little gaunt. Juvederm® can restore a more natural contour to the forehead. Yet another technique doctor Yagudin is using is placement of liquid facelift products such as Juvederm® in the forehead.* The product is placed beneath the skin across the forehead using blunt tip micro cannula.. The forehead injection technique can also help if the individual is showing what are known as suture lines on the forehead. Suture lines are vertical creases in the forehead where plates of the skull grow together during infancy. The line is virtually invisible until the skin begins to thin with age.*
In combination with the dermal fillers, BOTOX ® is usually injected into specific muscles, and specific areas of the muscles, generally in depressor muscles between and on either side of the eyebrows. These injections effectively relax the muscles that are pulling down, letting the muscles that are pulling up win the battle between them.*
Botox® helps to extend the life of Juvederm. Muscle movement works to break down the Juvederm over time, so with exaggerated muscle movement under control, the Juvederm lasts longer. *

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