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Welcome to one of New York City's reputable Aesthetic Medicine and Laser Clinics. For years, we have been providing our clients with the most comprehensive, safe, effective, and non-invasive cosmetic laser and non-laser aesthetic services. Dr. Yuriy Yagudin is the founder and medical director of Dermacare Medical PC. He is double board certified by The American Board of Laser Surgery and The American Board of Internal Medicine. All of the procedures at Dermacare Medical PC are performed by Dr. Yagudin himself. His extensive experience has shown that all of his clients' concerns, conditions, and treatments should be thoroughly evaluated and addressed directly by an experienced physician to ensure safety, efficacy and timely access to any prescription medications or professional medical guidance. In his aesthetic laser treatments, Dr. Yagudin utilizes only the finest, state of art lasers, which enable him to provide his clients with the latest and the very best cosmetic laser technology has to offer. For fillers, other injectable, and combination treatments, Dr. Yagudin offers a great variety of options so as to provide each client with the most individualized and selective care.
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What are cosmetic laser treatments?*

Top fashion magazines have been writing ceaselessly about the new, knife-free and painless generation of beauty. The non-invasive yet serious and highly effective aesthetic laser therapies offered at Dermacare Medical PC are:

Other aesthetic dermatological
procedures performed by Dr. Yagudin:

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